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Shikha Sharma | Content Writer

Hi, I'm Shikha Sharma

Actress / Author

Shikha Sharma was born and brought up in Delhi. She has completed her masters in English Literature. She has always been a creative person who has got herself involved in various creative pursuits throughout her life and wishes to continue that for the rest of her life. She got her first book named ‘I loved too much . . . he loved too many!’ was published at the age of nineteen. She has acted in a TV show named ‘Real Two States Couple’. She enjoys making Youtube videos. She has been a speaker at various Schools and colleges pan India.

Passed out of school

Started Working as a Freelance (Editor & Content Writer)

Started Teaching & Continued for 5 Years

First Book Published (I loved too much . . . he loved too many!)

Graduated in English Literature

Did a TV show (Real 2 States Couple)

Started a Youtube Channel